Pac-12 Announces Comprehensive Plan On Social Justice

SAN FRANCISCO – As the Pac-12 2020 football season kicks off this Saturday, Nov. 7, universities across the Conference landscape will feature student-athlete-driven events it calls “activations” that showcase actions around inclusion, social justice and anti-racism as part of the greater, conference-wide imPACt program.

“Pac-12 student-athletes have shown enormous passion and dedication to the work surrounding social justice and anti-racism,” said Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott. “Their voices are powerful, their ideas are actionable and their energy is boundless, all of which has been to the benefit of the Pac-12 Conference, Team imPACt and our universities.”

Over the past several months, the Pac-12 has worked with its member universities, Football Leadership Team, Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), Student-Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) and Pac-12 ImPACt Leadership Council, the Conference’s social justice and anti-racism advisory committee, to identify activations that illustrate the unique perspectives of student-athletes on each campus in order to amplify their voices on one of the biggest stages in collegiate athletics.

“Our student-athletes are more motivated and empowered than ever to make their voices heard,” said Washington State University Athletic Director Pat Chun, co-chair of the Pac-12 ImPACt Leadership Council. “I am proud of the student-athlete-first approach the Conference has taken to the expression of ideals like diversity, inclusion, and meaningful progress that are the bedrock of the Pac-12.”

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The demonstrations of each Pac-12 university’s commitment to anti-racism and social justice will come to life through a variety of student-athlete-led activations this Saturday and throughout the season. Examples of these activations include student-athlete-designed marks and logos symbolizing the commitment to fighting for social justice and equality; to warm-ups designed collaboratively by student-athletes, alumni and campus leaders; to shows of solidarity on the field in support of social issues. By giving Pac-12 student-athletes the stage to speak about what matters to them, the Pac-12 hopes to encourage conversations and action that will bring teammates, athletic departments and fans together in the fight against racism.

“As student-athletes of the Pac 12, we understand the power of sport,” said UCLA football student-athlete and member of the Pac-12 Football Leadership Team Chase Griffin. “Athletes in this conference have always had a large part in contributing to social progress. Sport, especially collegiate athletics, provides a great platform to educate, build awareness and demonstrate unity and leadership. We have a duty to use this opportunity to combat racism and injustice in order to push culture forward.”

Additionally, the Pac-12 Conference worked with student-athletes across various sports from all 12 member universities to participate in public service announcements on the importance of building awareness, identifying solutions and providing leadership in the fight against the systems of racism, exclusion and hate. Through the student-athletes’ voices, the Conference is working to ensure our campus communities create equitable opportunities and outcomes for people of all races. These PSAs will air on all Pac-12 Conference outlets, including Pac-12 Networks, social media channels, and national broadcast partners.