Emeralds Training Service Dog for the 2019 Season

EUGENE, OR – The Eugene Emeralds are adding some more paws to their front office this season. The dog-loving front office is partnering with JLAD to train a professional service dog for an individual with mobility issues or PTSD. Over the course of the season, six month old Vegas will go through training to learn the unique skills it takes to be a service dog and to be the perfect teammate for a person in need.

“We are super excited about this opportunity,” said Anne Culhane, Community Relations Director and Vegas’ handler. “A lot of work goes into training a service dog, a lot more than people think. This is a great chance to educate our fans and also give Vegas a unique training opportunity.”

Vegas will attend games at PK Park and will be out in the community during Sluggo and player appearances. If you see Vegas out in public please be respectful of his training and approach his handler to answer any questions you might have.

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“Working with the Emeralds will offer Vegas great training,” said Culhane. “Every night at the ballpark we have large crowds for him to work through and an assortment of smells. The fast paced environment of MiLB is something that will give Vegas what he needs to become a successful Service Dog.”

We encourage you to follow Vegas’ journey as he learns new skills and gets prepared to become a certified Service Dog on the Emeralds social media accounts with the hashtag: #TrainingVegas.