Eugene Emeralds Create Program to Provide Masks to Local Schools

Emeralds Buy a Mask/Give a Mask program helps provide schools with reusable masks

EUGENE, OR – Last month the Eugene Emeralds launched their online initiative to donate reusable, washable masks to local school districts. Through the Emeralds Buy a Mask/Give a Mask Program fans can purchase an adjustable face mask, or a gator, and the Emeralds will donate an identical mask to a local school district.


The Emeralds will distribute the masks through the Eugene Education Foundation, Bethel Education Foundation and the Springfield Education Foundation to go to the students, teachers and supporting staff.  Although the re-opening of in person instruction is fluid, schools will be able to disturb the masks as needed and have them on hand when they are able to start in person instructions.


“It is so important for our students, teachers and support staff to have access to face masks,” said Anne Culhane, Director of Community Relations.  “Masks are going to be an ongoing need for schools for the foreseeable future, and we want to make sure schools are able to provide PPEs to those who need them.”
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The Emeralds have two options for fans to purchase from. The first one, a mask that has adjustable elastic ear loops. This mask is made of polyester super dry mesh fabric interior and has an interior pocket for a filter pad. Also available is a light weight and breathable gator. This standard fit (one size fits most) gator can be worn in any number of ways such as a headscarf, face mask or bandanna. These are not medical grade masks, but it has been proven to help reduce a person’s chance of spreading COVID-19 by up to 70 percent.


Fans interested in participating in the Buy a Mask/Give a Mask program can visit the Emeralds Team Store here, Fans who visit the site will also see the option to purchase a mask to given to schools. The program will run until January 2021.