KORE’s “Road to the Refreshing Four” Bracket Contest is here!

With the Coronavirus locking everyone at home and no March Madness brackets these past few weeks, it is a pretty good bet that some of you are bored. Fox Sports Eugene is here to help! Introducing: “The Road to the Refreshing Four” – Fox Sports Eugene’s ‘Beverage’ Bracket.

Visit Fox Sports Eugene dot com to get your printable bracket. Predict who you think who will be ‘The Refreshing Four’ and the winner. Submit your entry on the contests page on Fox Sports Eugene dot com and you could win prizes including a flat screen TV. You can submit entries on the Contests page of our website until 9:00am on Tuesday, May 12th.

After the call for entries is over, we will post a new matchup for each regional during each weekday. You can vote at foxsportseugene.com  for your favorite beverages of the day … oh and here’s a hint, if you made a contest entry before the voting started and you picked for a specific beverage to win, you might want to vote – a lot. KORE will draw winners from correct submissions for other prizes, too.

For those of you playing the KORE Cash Giveaway Contest, “The Road to the Refreshing Four” provides another opportunity to enter. Starting May 12th, James Crepea will go over the results of voting from the previous day’s matchups and announce the new matchups of the day. There will be open phones on this segment of the James Crepea Show, weekdays from 4pm-6pm.
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Callers may comment on the results of the previous day’s voting, the new matchups of the day and/or their pleasure/displeasure with the seeding process of any beverage in a particular bracket. Hey, if you think we sucked by putting your favorite beverage as a crappy seed, tell us! One random caller who participates during “The Road to the Refreshing Four” segment on The James Crepea Show will be awarded an entry into the KORE Cash Giveaway Contest. If the caller has already qualified for the KORE Cash Giveaway Contest, this caller will be awarded an unprecedented second entry into the contest!

As the politicians used to say, “Vote Early and Vote Often!”