Mariners Statement on Postponement of Tonight’s Game

Tonight’s Mariners vs. Padres game has been postponed after Mariners players voted unanimously to not play.


The Mariners have issued the following statement:


The Seattle Mariners respect the team’s decision to not play tonight’s game. The Seattle Mariners stand with our players as they speak out with their words and actions against social injustice.


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Dee Gordon, who is a member of the MLB Players Alliance, issued this statement on his social media:


There are serious issues in this country. For me, and for many of my teammates, the injustices, violence, death and systemic racism is deeply personal. This is impacting not only my community, but very directly my family and friends. Our team voted unanimously not to play tonight. Instead of watching us, we hope people will focus on the things more important than sports that are happening.


Plans are underway now to reschedule the postponed game.