Mikula Named Director of Behavioral Health

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon athletic department officially announced on Thursday the hiring of David Mikula as the new Director of Behavioral Health. Mikula will serve as the department’s point person for student-athletes seeking behavioral health assistance and will provide one-on-one counseling.
“We extremely pleased to bring David on board full time to help meet the increase in demand for mental health services,” said Dr. Craig Davidson, Oregon’s Director of Athletic Medicine.
“After working with UO student athletes as a psychotherapist for more than 22 years, it is an honor, privilege, and joy to move into the role of Director of Behavioral Health,” Mikula said. “I hold a deep respect for Oregon Athletics, and appreciate this opportunity to deepen my work with the student-athletes and department staff.”
Mikula specializes in work with student-athletes and student-athlete specific challenges, stressors, and developmental complications. He has comprehensive experience and expertise in addressing issues through a trauma and culturally informed lens including anxiety, depression and other mood disturbance, impulse control/anger management, major mental health disorders, suicidal ideation, grief-loss, life transitions, relationship issues, athletic performance struggles, stress management, substance use and co-occurring disorders.