Oregon State Officials Respond To Blown Calls At Husky Stadium

CORVALLIS – Oregon State had the Huskies on the ropes Saturday night.

Then a decision to go low budget on the evening’s game with the Pac-12’s minimum camera set-up left many upset when official blew two spots that cost the Beavers the game, with no camera angle with a good enough view to overturn the calls.

Hearing that there was not irrefutable video evidence to overturn the ruling of on-field game officials during the second play of the fourth quarter, there was nothing the Oregon State sideline could do while fans went online to vent their anger.

Asked whether he had spoken to the Pac-12 about the 3rd down call during his weekly Monday press conference, head coach Jonathan Smith said had not.

“I appreciate our Athletic Director,” Smith said. “He has.”

“Immediately” following Saturday night’s game at Washington Oregon State Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Scott Barnes said Monday.

Barnes said he reached out to the Pac-12 conference to express concerns over the findings of Pac-12 officials.

“I am surprised and disappointed in the final review findings,” Barnes said. “I will always stand up for our football program, our coaches and student-athletes.”
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Smith said they looked closely at they plays in review meetings.

“At the same time we look at every play on tape and especially critical plays,” Smith said. “We’ll rewind it a couple of times in short yardage or critical plays.”

“But it’s like I told our team, you gotta find a way to get a first down there and not make it close,” Smith said.

Smith added there was a lot of football still left in the game at that point.

“We had other opportunities with the ball to take the lead later in the game,” Smith said.