#OregonAT: Ducks’ Season Ends At NCATA Semifinals

WACO, Texas — No. 3 Oregon picked up a win in the toss event against No. 2 Baylor, but it was not enough as the Bears ended the Ducks’ season with a 281.865-276.810 victory in the semifinals of the 2021 National Collegiate Acrobatics & Tumbling Association National Championships on Thursday.

The Ducks (2-3) battled the Bears (5-1) to a tie in the pyramid event leading into half and then picked up a 29.125-28.675 win in the toss, the first event coming out of the intermission, but Baylor was able to rally with wins in the tumbling and team events to lock up the win.

How It Happened: Baylor built an early lead outscoring Oregon 38.825 to 38.625 in the compulsory event. The Ducks had a pair of 9.875 scores in the pyramid heat and the toss heat, but the Bears countered with 9.900 in both of those events. Baylor also edged Oregon in the acro heat (9.675-9.575) and the tumbling heat (9.350-9.300).

Baylor added to its lead in the acro event edging Oregon 29.650-29.175. Oregon outscored Baylor in heat two (6 element) 9.875-9.825, but the Bears finished ahead in both heat 3 (7 element) 9.875-9.800 and heat 1 (5 element) 9.950-9.500.

In the pyramid event, the two teams battled to a draw, 29.575-29.575. The Ducks won heat 1 (inversion) 9.875-9.850 and heat two (synchronized) 9.825-9.800, before the Bears won heat three (open) 9.925-9.875 to take a 98.050-97.375 lead into the half.

The Ducks cut into Baylor’s lead winning the toss event coming out of the half. The Bears edged Oregon in heat 1 (450 salto) 9.775-9.600 and heat 2 (synchronized) 9.725-9.625, but the Ducks claimed a commanding 9.900-9.175 victory in heat 3 (open) to cut the Bears lead to 126.725-126.500.
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Baylor rebounded in the tumbling event winning the first four passes before the Ducks picked up a pair of 9.950 scores to win the 6 element pass and the open pass. Baylor finished with a 58.150-57.350 edge in the event.

The Bears wrapped up the win in the team event, besting the Ducks 96.990-92.960.