Pac-12 Announces 2022-2023 Financial Results

Record consolidated revenue at $604M; $404M distributed to institutions

The Pac-12 Conference today reported the financial performance for the financial year 2022-2023, with record total revenues of $604M. Total distributions to the institutions are $404M. The equity value of the Pac-12’s full ownership of its Pac-12 Networks is not included in reported results.

For 2022-2023, the Pac-12 Conference reported revenues of $494M and net operating expenses of $58M. Pac-12 Networks reported revenues of $110M and net operating expenses of $83M. A summary of consolidated results is set forth below.

“We are pleased to have generated record revenues for our members,” said Pac-12 Commissioner Teresa Gould. “These revenues are used by our campus athletic departments to provide invaluable support to our over 7,000 student-athletes annually and to fulfill our mission to develop the next generation of leaders.”

All other contributions, gifts grants, etc          9,275,147
Non-cash Contributions             220,120
Television Rights Fees      389,175,908
Post Season Bowls      140,357,157
NCAA Funds/Conf Event        39,662,821
Advertising        12,974,545
Other Revenue        11,868,327
Investment Income             319,485
Total Revenue      603,853,510
Compensation of current officers, directors, trustees and key               employees (including nontaxable benefits)          6,514,563
Compensation not included above to disqualified persons                         –
Other salaries and wages        26,075,629
Pension plan accruals and contributions (employer portion)          1,879,759
Other employee benefits          3,761,192
Payroll taxes          2,040,471
Legal fees          6,743,875
Accounting fees             126,672
Other          5,915,508
Advertising and promotion          1,031,307
Office expenses             441,145
Information technology         9,165,914
Occupancy          9,795,217
Travel          2,266,307
Conferences, conventions and meetings             869,087
Depreciation, depletion and amortization        22,987,591
Insurance          1,516,037
Other Expenses 
  Conference Events          8,794,760
  Special Projects                         –
  Officiating          3,425,896
  Research and Education          3,648,708
  Programming & Digital                         –
Commissions          3,114,291
  All other Expenses        20,229,260
Total Other Expenses        39,212,915
Total Expenses      140,343,189
Grants to domestic organizations      403,572,770
Net Operating Expenses      543,915,959
Net Revenues over Expenses        59,937,551

Notes: “All Other Expenses” primarily includes taxes, sales expense, equipment supplies and maintenance, and officiating. 

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