Pac-12 Approves Non-Conference Football Games

SAN FRANCISCO – The Pac-12 announced today that it has approved the flexibility for Pac-12 universities to schedule non-conference football game opponents subject to certain parameters.

“The Pac-12 is committed to maintaining maximum flexibility to provide our football student-athletes with an opportunity to compete, while continuing to ensure that health and safety remains our number one priority,” said Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott.

Despite this decision, Colorado announced it would not take advantage of the policy change this weekend amid reports it was still practicing in case a covid cancellation made an opponent available.

“We are waiting out the day to make sure the other five Pac-12 games that are scheduled will go forth with no COVID issues and we would not be matched in a conference game,” University of Colorado athletic director Rick George said Thursday. “That being said, even though the conference has approved non-conference opponents if one can be found that satisfies the testing protocols the Pac-12 has in place for its members, we will not play a non-conference opponent this weekend.”

CU was scheduled to play Arizona State this Saturday at Folsom Field, but the game was canceled last Sunday due to COVID-19 issues in the Sun Devil program. George did leave the door open for a non-conference game later in the season.

“However, in the future if a similar instance arises, it would give us more time to prepare, but for now, we want to concentrate on game preparations for the USC game next Saturday in Los Angeles,” George said.

The Pac-12 CEO Group decision requires that the following criteria be met in order for a non-conference football opponent to be scheduled by a Pac-12 football team:

  • All Pac-12 testing and related protocols must be adhered to by the non-conference opponent;
  • The non-conference game will in all cases be a home game for the Pac-12 team, broadcast by a Pac-12 television partner; and
  • If a Pac-12 opponent becomes available by the end of day Thursday in any given week, the Conference game must be played in lieu of any non-conference game.

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