Pac-12 statement regarding ruling on field in fourth quarter of Oregon State at Washington football game

SAN FRANCISCO – The Pac-12 Conference confirmed that there was not irrefutable video evidence to overturn the ruling of on-field game officials during the second play of the fourth quarter in the Oregon State at Washington game Saturday, November 14.

On the second play of the fourth quarter on fourth and one inside the Washington five-yard line, the Oregon State ball carrier was ruled short of the first down line based on the spotting of the ball.  The ball was ruled over to Washington based on downs. Instant Replay, after reviewing all available camera angles, determined that there was not irrefutable video evidence to change the ruling on the field.


The above statement and clarification is provided through the Pac-12 Conference’s football officiating communications protocol. The protocol is designed to increase transparency and public comment around significant calls that meet certain criteria.  The Pac-12 office is issuing public statements on calls that, in the Pac-12 Vice President of Officiating’s determination, meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Game-ending call or no-call impacting the result of the game;
  • Call involving a significant error in officiating mechanics;
  • Call involving an error in rules interpretation; or
  • Other extraordinary circumstances

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