#RipCity: Damian Lillard Denies Morning Reports He Requested Trade

LAS VEGAS – Damian Lillard is wearing a jersey for another team this summer as he represents Team USA as the U.S. Men’s team trains in Nevada and it’s made Trail Blazers fans nervous from the beginning.

Even on Fox Sports Eugene, unabashed Los Angeles Lakers fan Colin Cowherd daydreamed on the air about Dame rubbing elbows with stars from across the country and listening to them gush over L.A. or N.Y.

On Friday morning, #RipCity fans woke up to reports that Dame had officially requested a trade via some random NBA reporter in New Jersey and Twitter.

By mid morning Twitter was in a fever pitch and it was not long before it was announced that Neil Olshey and Chauncey Billups were flying to Las Vegas to meet face to face with Dame.

A press conference was scheduled following Team USA’s morning practice at 12:30 p.m.

Peter Sampson, hosting the Bald Faced Truth today announced we would carry the news conference live on the air.

As 12:30 p.m. came and went, we were told that practice had run late and they had pushed the press conference to 1:00 p.m. but again, the scheduled time passed.

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The anticipation and speculation were causing Portland, Dame, and other words to trend on social media by the time Dame actually spoke shortly before 2:00 p.m.

But if fans were hoping to have their anxiety quieted with reassuring words, they were disappointed in short order. Despite initially confirming that he too had awoke to the story published on the east coast, Dame also said it was essentially an unsubstantiated report, but added he hadn’t “made a final decision.”

“Number one, it’s not true and secondly, I’ll also say, I haven’t made any firm decision on what my future will be,” Lillard said.

Lillard used the press conference to set the tone for his upcoming conversation with Olshey.

“I don’t disagree that maybe Chauncey can change our team and make us a better team” Lillard said. “But I think if you look at our team as it is, I don’t see how you say ‘this is a championship team, we just need a new coach.'”

Billups and Olshey meet with Lillard this afternoon.