#TitansBaseball: Titans Season Ends At Mt. Hood

EUGENE – It was a swift and bitter end to a fun season for the Lane Community College Titans baseball team as they fell in their first game into the playoffs at Mt. Hood Community College earlier this June.

Traveling to Mt. Hood (24-11, 24-11) for a Wednesday, June 2, game, the Titans (22-15, 22-15) went down in the bottom of the 2nd inning when Micah Foskett hit a homer for the Bulldogs.

Mt. Hood’s Rikuu Nishida hit a single RBI in the 3rd and the Titans kept digging themselves a hole and were down 5-0 heading into to the 6th inning.

At the top of the 6th, the Titans began to rally with Jack Swisher hitting a double and Matt Dallas scoring.

Bryan Rojas knocked in a single allowing Carter Sakamoto and Swisher scoring and we had a 5-3 ballgame heading into the bottom of the 6th.

The Titans fell apart on defense allowing Mt. Hood to score twice more.

By the time Cole Kleckner knocked another in for the Titans in the top of the 9th, Mt. Hood was able to sit comfortably on their 7-4 lead to end the game and end the season for the Titans.

It was still a great season for the Titans.

On May 14, freshman pitcher Tyson Heinz was named Athlete Of The Week.

Timpanogos High School  •  Orem, UT

Heinz’ stats for the week:

5/2 vs Mt. Hood

  • game 1: 1/3 with 1 walk
  • game 2: 1/4 with a 2B and a run scored

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5/3 vs Mt. Hood

  • game 1: 1/4 with 1 RBI
  • game 2: 1/3 with 1 RBI

5/5 vs Southwestern Oregon

  • game 1: 5 innings pitched, no hits, 6 K’s
  • game 2: 2 RBI’s and 1 walk

5/8 vs Clackamas

  • game 1: 4/4, 4 RBI’s, 2 runs
  • game 2: 2/4 with 1 SB